Dial H - Episode 203 - The Man From Japan

April 29th, 2018

Welcome to Dial H for Heroclix! We are a podcast that covers news, figures, plays games and just jokes around within the world of Heroclix.  Join Kalder and Kris this week as we:

1. Talk about what Made us Happy this week (a.k.a. Avengers 4 came out!)
2. Bring on the Man from Japan, Malcolm Rush!
3. Play the most popular Heroclix game that Isn't Heroclix, Bad Samaritan! SOMETHING CRAZY HAPPENED!
4. Do a little thing called Casual Comparisons - Nightcrawler Edition
5. Go over this Week's Community Tuesdays Question as well the results of Dial Design
6. Malcolm has a question for us!
7. and finally, give a Dial H Arabian Birthday shout out to Citizen Michael Miller

Don't forget about the Dial H Birthday Calendar for future episodes! Give a shout out to a local player, judge or someone in your life. :)

Patreon Heroes for the month of April:

Citizen Michael Miller
Citizen Brian Bachman
Citizen Mike Templeton
Citizen Christian Bogen

Vigilante and Super Fan Seth Aaron
Vigilante Lucas Van Holland
Vigilante Little Plastic Superheroes


Super Villian Ronnie Weinland - A.k.a. Alicaster!


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