Dial H - Episode 199 - Dial D for Dice Masters! So Long to Heroclix!

April 1st, 2018

Welcome to Dial H for Heroclix! We are a podcast that covers news, figures, plays games and just jokes around within the world of Heroclix.  Join Kalder and Kris this week as we:

0. Give up the game of Heroclix and take up Dice Masters!

April Fools

1. Talk a bit this week about what made us Happy!
   a. Marvel Strike Force - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoC7yFRSnsQ
2. Talk about some Convention Exclusives as well as The April OP Kit figures - https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2018/03/29/2018-worlds-convention-exclusive-update/
   - Spoiler: Some of these figs need some milk
3. go over how Wizkids has an April Fool's Joke for you
4. Talk about the BIG UPDATE from Wizkids regarding ORIGINS and WORLDS -https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2018/03/26/update-national-and-world-championships/
5. Joyously Rank Up our New Patreon supporters with their new HEROIC RANKS!
6. Go over Community Tuesdays Questions posted on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook! Next Week: Iron Man 3 giveaway!

Don't forget about the Dial H Birthday Calendar! Give a shout out to a local player, judge or someone in your life. :)

Patreon Heroes for the month of March:

 Citizen Michael Miller
 Citizen Brian Bachman
 Citizen Mike Templeton
 Citizen Christian Bogen

 Vigilante and Super Fan Seth Aaron
 Vigilante Lucas Van Holland


 Super Hero Ronnie Weinland!


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